HealthCare Services

Healthcare providers often feel bogged down with the administrative element of their profession. Tech Artist, a HIPAA compliant Healthcare BPO services provider, offers customized healthcare services and healthcare support services which boosts financial performance & effectiveness of healthcare providers while also enhancing patient satisfaction. Our services for this industry are broadly divided as below:


Medical Billing & Coding Services

Healthcare providers would agree that submitting medical bills on time and getting those claims reimbursed by payers without delay is crucial for successful revenue cycle management. Tech Artist understands the importance of timely medical billing and coding in freeing you from the follow-up and administrative hassles. We have the expertise to provide global clients with a range of medical billing and coding services:

Medical Billing Services – Our billing department ensures that all bills are submitted with the correct information to avoid any delays or denials. We have also built in quality checks at multiple levels to ensure accuracy of data


Medical Coding Services – We can help you ensure compliance with government regulations and improve coding accuracy. All you need to do is scan your patient records and upload them on our secure FTP server. Our dedicated team of coding experts downloads and analyses these files daily for appropriate coding of the medical condition diagnosed


Medical Claims Processing – we process both online and paper claims. For online claims, we connect to your software with the help of a secure connection and submit all such claims electronically. In addition, our QA team will perform quality checks at two levels. This helps us eliminate any errors and ensures that chances for the rejection of claims are minimized


Accounts Receivables Management – Our trained personnel constantly follow up with the insurance companies through phone, e-mail, etc to ensure that claims are settled quickly. All payments are posted on the billing software while any partial payments or denials are analysed in detail and re-submitted to the insurance provider. By efficiently processing claims and seeking claim amounts, we can help you increase your revenue and cash flow

Medical Transcription services

A wide variety of global clients – from individual physicians to hospitals – have leveraged services of our trained medical transcriptionists to improve their overall healthcare delivery process. Tech Artist’s comprehensive medical transcription solution includes dictation capture, transcription and the final delivery of the files in the desired format. We ensure you get customized services that take your dictation system requirements and hospital information systems into account.


Furthermore, we transcribe a variety of reports for our clients including Emergency room reports, Discharge summary, Clinical summary, Rehabilitation reports, Surgery notes, Operative reports, Medical records summary, etc. When you outsource transcription of your reports to Tech Artist, we dedicate a team of professionals on your account to ensure they become well-versed with the dictating style and accent of the concerned physicians.


The team of professionals (account manager, transcriptionist, proof reader, QA expert) come with a diverse set of skills. They undergo a rigorous training so that we can deliver defect free reports to you. We offer transcripts with a turnaround time of less than 24 hours and are 100% HIPAA compliant.


Pharmacy Business Service

The Pharmacy business market is highly competitive and fragmented. At Tech Artist, we provide innovative medical business services by employing the right medical skills and world class technology. The suite of services we offer encompass the following:

Pharmacy billing services – we offer a smooth billing system so that bills are processed quickly, ensuring an increased cash flow for our clients. We provide high levels of customization in the billing system so as to keep the system as close to reality as possible. Our team consists of well-qualified finance personnel and clinical experts who have complete knowledge of CPT codes and coding guidelines, documentation for drug category review, awareness of all compliance audits, etc


Mail Orders –  pharmacists who don’t have the necessary time to attend to their online orders turn to Tech Artist for its mail order services viz. Refill request management, Authorization and billing management, etc.


Document Management –  For an automated system of managing medical records, document management services are required. Tech Artist provides a number of healthcare document management systems like radiology document management, pharmacy document management and others


Pharmacy Management Services – we can help clients in setting-up businesses at new locations, managing the entire facility as well as support services


With an in-depth understanding of business processing and that of the pharmaceutical industry (pharmacy handling), we can help you offer a world class experience to your customers. Our processes are simple and customer-friendly while offering comprehensive pharmacy business services. We constantly focus on training and skill development of our LTC specialized experts, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy consultants who are trained at using various document management software like CoverMyMeds, DocuTrack and Payor Rules among other such tools. These resources are also trained at using CIPS, Frameworks, Helix, and other such multiple Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS).

Healthcare Software Development

Today technology plays a major role in delivery of healthcare services. Deploying correct technologies increases a firm’s productivity while minimizing administrative costs and maximizing revenues. In addition, it allows for error-free documentation and easy access to patient information and minimum processing time for most healthcare functions.


We have experience in building healthcare software for various needs and functionality of hospitals, physicians and healthcare firms. Our team of skilled medical software developers can customise solution for you while adhering to HIPAA guidelines. Be it softwares for Claims processing, Clinical Data Entry, Impact Analysis, Information Management or other healthcare processes, we can cater to your needs.


Teleradiology Services

A specialized form of Telemedicine, Teleradiology involves the transmission of radiographic images directly from the acquisition site to the reporting location for the purpose of physician interpretation and consultation.

Top hospitals and diagnostic centers around the world are currently experiencing a shortfall in the number of professional, trained radiologists. Teleradiology services offered by Tech Artist are an ideal solution to address this need. We are at the forefront of cutting-edge & advanced Teleradiology services. At Tech Artist, we offer you on-time & accurate daily reports, compliance with governmental regulations, and increased cost benefits. Our panel of experienced radiologists provide certified interpretations for all non-invasive imaging. Our services include:

3D Image processing services – such as MR/ CT angiographies of various body parts and pulmonary, renal, peripheral and extremity angiographies, multi-planar reconstruction, maximum intensity projections (MPR/ MIP), etc


Medical Imaging Services – such as detailed interpretative services and composed reports for X-rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds, PET, Echocardiography, etc


Certified Reporting services – by our panel, which consists of radiologists with a wide range of expertise and experience, and includes UK-FRCR Radiologists, US Board Certified Radiologists, Australian Board Certified Radiologists, Canada-FRCP-R Radiologists, and Indian-MD Certified Radiologists.


Preliminary Reporting Services – Our preliminary reporting services are ideal for hospitals or practices that need a performance boost urgently. We provide you with the expertise of a junior radiologist who performs the initial reporting, followed by an Indian MD-certified radiologist who performs the final review, which is then sent to your panel for the final sign-off


Other Services 

Apart from the above-mentioned services, our radiologists who are Fellowship-trained can provide a detailed and final reading of:


Musculoskeletal & Doppler Ultrasounds

Abdominal & Echocardiography Ultrasounds

Whole-body CT screenings


Thoracic Imaging

Clinical Trials

Nuclear Medicine

Cardiology & Coronary CTA


During emergencies, we are always available to provide results within short time-frames, sometimes in less than 20 minutes! We can also send you a transcribed report within 10 to 12 hours. Our radiology services are accessible round the clock, every day of the year.