HR Services



Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. At Tech Artist, our approach to RPO services is consultative and customizable along with offering recruiting outsourcing services in the traditional sense. An essence of services offered by us is as follows :


Candidate research


Compliance tracking

Reporting and Audits


Hiring Manager Training


Process Mapping


Technology Consulting


Third Party Vendor Management

Some features of our RPO services include :


Serving as a global & Local service provider – covering all your global or specific locations through our strong global presence in North America, Canada and Europe

End to end or project based RPO services

Complete program management enabled by our technology platform

Significant cut in effort and cost, improvement in company’s time to hire, hire of quality candidates, provision of verifiable metrics, enhanced reporting and visibility, better process compliance, etc

Presently, Tech Artist is working with a consortium of India’s 4 largest companies to hire up to 5000 employees for implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility program determined by the group.
Today, talent acquisition as a function has become closely aligned with Marketing and PR. Tech Artist’s Talent acquisition professionals are skilled not only in sourcing tactics, candidate assessment, and compliance and hiring standards, but also in employer’s branding practices. Our talent acquisition professionals often craft the unique company message around the approach

Permanent & Contract Staffing

Tech Artist is well placed to service Permanent and Contract staffing needs of its clients with an option to place candidates either on client’s or Tech Artist’s payrolls.
We are at the centre of connecting people with employment opportunities. With our permanent staffing solutions embedded in our deep understanding of business processes and concerns, organisations can rely on us to access the highly specialised talent they need to create a sustainable competitive advantage. For the last five years, Tech Artist has been conducting recruitment processes for a company which results in hiring of 1500 candidates annually in the area of accounting, sales, back office and customer service.
Moreover, landscape of the global workforce is changing, favouring a shift toward the flexibility of contract working. For those companies seeking to tweak their workforce as per cyclical or project needs, or those facing hiring as an ongoing challenge, Tech Artist offers flexible, effective and short/ long term staffing solutions. With access to an extensive and specialised database of freshers and experienced candidates, we can meet your immediate needs with a quick time line.


HR Analytics

Human Resource Analytics refers to applying analytical processes to the HR department of an organisation in the hope of improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment.
Navigant’s deep-rooted HR domain expertise and foundation in statistics to read and interpret your HR data, gives you insights beyond the obvious parameters. Our HR Analytics practice uses an effective process which involves understanding the organisation’s data points, reviewing and cleansing the data, interpreting and drawing inferences, generating trend analysis and Reporting and Business Impact. This way, from attracting and retaining top talent, to accurately forecasting future staffing needs and improving employee satisfaction, Tech Artist’s HR Analytics services empowers organisations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals.

Internal Communication

A vital pillar for success of employee engagement and motivation is consistent and transparent communication between the employer and the employee. It starts with onboarding of fresh hires and continues through the year, taking many forms, including: benefit handbooks, total compensation statements, newsletters, one on one meetings, group meetings, videos, webinars, posters, payroll stuffers & benefit websites. Tech Artist helps you focus on the smooth running of your business, while we take charge of conveying your company culture & values to your employees and staying on top of their concerns.


Training and Development

Through our Training and Development solutions, we partner with clients to deliver a wide range of customised, onsite and offsite learning solutions, including management and employee training, leadership development and skills upgrade training.
Our wide variety of training topics include:


Organisational success – Building positive communication skills, developing effective teams, negotiation skills, time management, cross functional communication, effective presentations and others
Customer service – achieving premiere customer satisfaction, developing superior sales strategies, enhancing telephone and in person meeting techniques, voice and accent training, etc
Human Resources – interviewing skills, new manager/supervisor training, performance appraisals, new language skill for employees, giving constructive feedback and counselling and others
Leadership Development – budget management, conflict resolution, managing cultural change, business ethics, decision making skills, team building, etc

Travel & Expense Process

Tech Artist offers a web based Travel & Expense Management solution for enterprise-wide travel and expense automation. The system offers a convenient, automatic and rapid processing of travel and related requests and claims by employees. Thus, enabling savings for the companies and increase in employee satisfaction.
The system offers multiple benefits including filing of claims and requests from anywhere globally, as well as easy multilocation consolidation of the same. It also streamlines backend processing services related to scrutinizing and validating invoices, accounting activities and processing claims. In addition, our web (clubbed with ticketing system), email and telephonic based help desk ensures rapid processes of approval and payments, helps employees track travelling details and gain access to their reimbursement history and company policies, while also allowing online tracking of requests and claims.
In addition, Tech Artst also offers unique services such as planning project based or regular itineraries for its clients.

Employee Information and Grievance solution

HR helpdesk is a commonplace strategy used to enhance employee satisfaction. Navigant offers a cohesive approach to engaging with a company’s employees through its Human Resources Helpdesk Services.
Various services offered by our Helpdesk include:


Information Dissemination – on organisational policies and rules, training information, equality and cultural diversity, loan facilities for employees, information about PMS procedures, etc. This serves as a common point of reference which the employees approach for information on various topics


Grievance redressal – HR helpdesk serves as an escalation medium for feedback given by a company’s employees while also helping the HR department analyse these problems. These could be related to salary issues, leaves policy, increment, promotion, transfer of job location, sexual harassment issues, concerns with respect to rewards and incentives, intimation of unfair practices, whistle blowing, etc


Tech Artist’s 24/7 Service (web and phone based direct interaction) for quick turn-around-time. Our 24/7 grievance system addresses queries round the clock to ensure matters are resolved at the earliest.


An Intermediary between employees and line managers – as an intermediary, helpdesk assists the burdened line managers in prioritising requests in line with standard operating procedures

HR Helpdesk serves as a good source of data for management to analyse the requests and resolution time for improving employee efficacy

Internal communication channel

Payroll Management and Tax Filing

Tech Artist offers integrated Payroll Processing and Payroll Tax Filing Services such that this leads to vast reduction in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration by its clients. We’ll help make sure your Payroll Processing and Tax Filing is accurate, secure, and timely, so that you can get back to running your business.


Teleradiology Services

Tech Artist offers a fully integrated, web based, automated Online Payroll Solution. For instance, personal details of employees such as pay slips, tax sheets and reimbursement slips can be viewed by them through the web interface. The platform also provides for online investment declaration and investment proof verification by employees.
We can often manage your payroll at a lower cost per employee than your own in-house payroll department. When you use our payroll services, we act as your payroll department and scale to fit with your particular business needs. Our payroll services and payroll management suits small businesses who do not have an in-house facility through to large companies who prefer to outsource the complete payroll function rather than employ specialist staff.

Navigant’s Payroll Management Services include:

Complete monthly payroll processing – salary computation, pay slips generation and bank transfers


Leave and attendance accounting, loans & advances administration


Web platform for viewing investment declaration, investment proof submission, pay slips, tax sheet by employees


PF administration


PF, super superannuation, gratuity trust management


Business travel management


Full and final settlement


Flexible benefit plan management


Front-ending audit of payroll records


Regulatory compliances (Income tax, Profession tax, Provident fund, ESI & LWF)


Generation of payroll MIS for management


CRM for employee queries and grievances


In addition, Tech Artist provides Payroll Tax Filing Services which include Statutory Compliances & Record Keeping (TDS, PF, Prof. Tax, ESI etc.)