Market Research

Whether you are contemplating a new product category or finding ways to battle your business challenges, insights from a well-executed market research strategy can come to your rescue. As a Marketing outsourcing company, Tech Artist offers a full suite of market research operations and data analytics solutions to clients.


Research Outsourcing

Questionnaire design – We have the ability to program simple to complex multi-lingual studies and questionnaires through our programmers who are specialists in top programming languages.


Data Tabulation – Our data tabulation services uses industry’s best software packages to process, clean and tabulate data. In addition, our analysts are experts at churning meaningful analysis and managing conversion across various data file formats including Excel/Word, Winyaps, RTF, XML file, HTML file, etc


Project Delivery – Every project manager at Tech Artist comes with a depth and breadth of knowledge across industries as well as rich experience in market research-related diverse backgrounds – online panels, scripting, quantitative research, etc. They have skills to manage simple secondary research projects as well as complex primary research projects that need multi-country tracking, have hard-to-reach audiences and involve multi-methodology (mix of online and offline)


Secondary research – Our team is skilled at extracting valuable insights from Secondary research. We provide strategic summary on industry landscape – market size, competition, trends – as well as a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats) analysis for our clients


Reporting – while reporting research outcomes, our team can provide a wide array of standard market research output formats other than Word and PowerPoint. Our team have at their disposal, multiple tools and relevant technology infrastructure, so they can tell a compelling story through a mix of visuals, audio and video

Global Data Management

Panels – Our panels are of high quality. We offer support for online panel building, ongoing management and eliminating outdated ones. They are carefully studied upon by Tech Artist team, have prior background of serving in this capacity and have a unique id to avoid duplication. Since we have strong partnerships with online panel firms around the world, we can conduct research for both, B2C and B2B surveys in various locations as per the client preference. Over the last 14 years, we have conducted over of XX million interviews on behalf of our clients globally, reaching out to respondents in XX different markets.


CATI – Tech Artist has a strong in-house CATI quality assurance team which runs quality control on both, voice and data, for every interview. All interviewers, project managers and quality assurance team members are fully trained on market research industry’s IQCS standards, adhere to standards set by MRQSA, and follow the MRS code of conduct. We also have sufficient experience of completing sophisticated projects involving key opinion leaders, C-Level executives, etc. On an average, we conduct 70,000 CATI/ CAWI interviews monthly on our VOXCO, LimeSurvey or MonkeySurvey platform. We have delivered to XX clients across XX markets globally in XX languages.


In-person interviews – Tech Artist has substantial experience in managing in-person interviews such as Street and Mall-Intercepts, Door-to-Door Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Mystery Shopping, etc. We manage such interviews around the world in collaboration with local partners whom we work closely with at each stage




Survey Analysis – we work with the data collected from the surveys to draw deep insights using relevant analytics and statistical models. We frequently use analysis techniques like Multiple and Logistic Regression, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Market Segmentation and Conjoint Analysis among others


Data Mining –  at Tech Artist, we execute various analytics projects using both structured (documented as per a questionnaire) and unstructured data (free flowing conversations). With our knowledge of the subject matter, we can derive conclusions that lead to impactful outcomes for our clients. In doing so, we also build conversations flowing on social media


Marketing and Campaign Management – we have a large database of B2B and B2C customers across industry verticals, and use all modern marketing tools which puts us in a position of strength while executing the job. We have managed large advertising programs for a Fortune Top 500, supporting them through an email campaign that delivered over 3 billion emails monthly – Ankur to validate.